5 Signs your Recruitment Process is Effective

Having the best talent in the company is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that the company remains at a competitive advantage. Achieving this, however, calls for an effective and all rounded recruitments process. A recruitment process is supposed to provide great ways in which the company skill gaps are filled to ensure that the day to day activities of the company continue to run seamlessly (Moroko & Uncles, 2008). How then can one tell of the recruitment process is effective?


It effectively identifies the hiring needs
When a job opening presents at the company, either from a vacated position or a newly formed role, one of the things that an effective procurement process will seek to do is determine the specifications of the job. These will be made up of the different skills, knowledge and the experience that is needed for the role (Fuiman & Higgs, 1997). Identifying hiring needs seeks to fill the gaps that are evident among the current employees.
It informs the preparation of a comprehensive job description
Once the skills, knowledge, and experience needed are determined, the next step is determining the responsibilities and the roles that will be covered by the job. This is crucial as it helps the company to understand what the potential employees must have or be able to do, to be in a position to handle the demands of the job. A comprehensive job description will further provide the prospective employees with a checklist that they can check with before submitting their applications to the company (Moroko & Uncles, 2008). A comprehensive job description will have a clear title, duties and responsibilities, skills and qualifications, compensation packages and location.
It Identifies the right talent
An effective recruitment process will identify the right talent based on the skill gaps at the company, attract and motivate them to submit applications for the job. Different modes of advertising can be used to reach out to such talents (Fuiman & Higgs, 1997). These can be determined based on where it is easy to get the right potential candidates.
It effectively screens applications and shortlists the best.
The screening process can be one of the most challenging phases of the recruitments process. It is, however, one of the most important ones. An effective recruitment process will ensure that the shortlisted candidates are those who have met the minimum qualifications and have the company preferred credentials (Fuiman & Higgs, 1997).
Zeros into the right candidate following a successful interview.
A successful interview will work well in favor of both the company and the potential employee. Such an interview will ensure that candidates have verified what they had on their resume and are also clear on the roles and responsibilities that await (Moroko & Uncles, 2008).
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