A 5-step Recruitment Plan for Small Business Owners

A lot of small-to-medium companies struggling to find an actual recruitment solution that works for their organizational set up at all times resort to DIY-ing their recruitment efforts. This is mainly due to the fact that the available options are not only too expensive, but are also ineffective and time-consuming.

If you are a do-it-yourself entrepreneur, staying on top of the most current Job Portals pricing like Linkedin recruiter pricing is not enough. The best way to do this is to follow a tried and tested formula for recruiting the right employees
Here’s a 5-step recruitment plan to get you on track:
Streamline your Hiring Process
Attracting the best hire happens when you have well developed recruitment processes in place. Start with listing down the requirements and qualifications you have in mind. Be clear, concise, and accurate when you write the job description to make sure applicants know exactly what they are signing up for. Put all the information in one document. Use this as your complete guide to come up with content for job posts, job ads and lead generation activities.
Pick your Data Source
Take a minute to look at the recruitment platforms and portals that are available to you and decide which of these can help you reach the ideal candidate. Social media presence and social media advertising are becoming new channels for Candidate sourcing. Some of the well-known job portals in the GCC region include Bayt.com, Gulftalent.com, and Monstergulf.com. You could also try using Indeed.com which offers job postings for budgets as low as $10. Ask for a service quote or free consultations to see if such options might work for you. Once you have all your options, pick one and begin your Candidate sourcing.
Create a Shortlisting Strategy
If you were able to promote the vacancy strategically, chances are you’ll have plenty of job candidates to sift through. Work on developing a process in determining how well a candidate fits your criteria. Do not rely solely on the written profile or digital information submitted by candidate. Phone screening can be done as well as other methods. Ask the right questions and confirm some of the key points in their resume to validate the candidate’s claims. By this time, you should already have a shortlist of prospects.
Prepare to Do Interviews
This is where your knowledge and experience as a recruiter or an entrepreneur is not optional. Even with best technologies, finding the right person will be futile if this stage is not properly executed. Decide what employee qualities matter to you the most. Determine the character, skills and experiences you are looking for in an employee to be able to grow with them and achieve your business and career goals. Prepare questions and points of observation based on this. Create a ranking system. Give higher scores to priority qualities.
Make an Offer to the Right Candidate
Once you have ticked all the important boxes, the last item in your 5-step recruitment plan is the job offer. To keep tabs on the right employee, give them an offer that is apt for their qualifications. Make sure you are aware of the rate this position typically offers to successful applicants. Otherwise, your job offer might be declined for a better offer.
Recruitment Experts recommend paying better than your competition to attract high quality candidates.
Finding and recruiting your ideal hire boils down to following a recruitment process that delves deep into clearly communicating what your company is looking for and what it can offer the ideal candidate in return. But if a small business owner like you already have too much on your plate, adding DIY recruitment to your to-do list might keep you from focusing on growing and scaling your business operations.
To streamline your hiring process without doing the hard work yourself, there are companies like 1stalent that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and expert recruitment skills to offer affordable and efficient hiring solutions for clients based in UAE and KSA.
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