HR Sourcing: How to Find and Network with the Ideal Hires

While there is no single formula for finding and networking with the ideal hires, following the NAIM pattern – Networking, Attracting, Innovating, and Motivating – will definitely get you one step closer to achieving your recruitment goals. After all, this same process is practiced by professionals to generate a high volume of leads for recruitment agencies. Let’s start off this discussion with the first step: Networking.

When startups grow their operations, their workforce requirements also increase. To address the need to have more employees on board quickly, business owners bring in new employees by networking. What exactly is networking? In a nutshell, Networking is a process that helps business owners source prospective hires; specifically, those that are considered a good fit for their company and the position that needs to be filled. Here are a few tips to help you find and network with promising candidates:
Post vacancies in your social media accounts
The easiest way to get the word out about your vacancy is to post it online. This networking tip works best if you create a descriptive job ad that clearly and accurately communicates the requirements for the position.
You can expect a handful of candidates to send in their resumes If you have an active social media presence.
Leverage job portals
Put your job ads to better use by promoting the vacancies in different job portals. There are plenty of online career sites for your job postings.,, and are just some of the most widely used in the GCC region. Choose the job portal which you think will help you gain the most traction. Some staffing companies also use these portals to generate leads for recruitment agencies
Tap into employee referrals
If your company is yet to build or strengthen its social media presence, you could tap simply ask your current employees to refer their friends and families. The advantage of this strategy is that it could speed up the entire recruitment process.
In line with asking your employees to refer people from their personal network, you could also encourage more referrals by giving a referral bonus to the employee who makes a successful referral.
Try hiring remotely
A lot of business processes nowadays can be done online, so why not hire remotely? Hiring a remote staff can be a cost-effective strategy because it neither necessitates additional overhead expenses nor employee benefits.
These networking tips are all effective; however, they are also time-consuming. Does that work for you as a business owner, knowing that your time is one of your most valuable assets? Probably not. If you are up to neck with tasks, you might want to skip the tedious hiring process and instead, focus on what really matters: growing your business.
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