Social Recruiting 101: Effective Ways to Attract Top Talents

With the undeniable pull of social media, using social media platforms to reach out to a talent pool is seen as one of the most effective ways to recruit new employees. This process is called social recruiting. It basically delves into using various social media platforms to get the word out about job vacancies that need to be filled. In this sense, social media works like a recruitment lead generation software. But if you think social recruiting is limited to pulling in leads, think again.

Social recruiting has innumerable potential benefits, among which is its positive effect on two-way communication. Through social media and community management, job seekers who wish to inquire about job openings may easily and conveniently do so with just a few clicks. Aside from that, actively using social media to recruit potential hires also helps widen your network/ Finally, it allows job seekers to get a quick glimpse of what your company is about and what kind of culture the organization imbibes.
The following tips should be helpful for companies in KSA that are looking to kick start their own social recruiting program:
Create a separate account.
Create social media accounts for your company if you haven’t done so already. Maintaining a separate social media account for your company works well in keeping you more focused on your organization, your culture, and the people you want to tap as new recruits.
Stay aligned with your company’s brand.
In light of creating social media accounts exclusively for your company, one of the things you need to remember is to keep your brand in check. Stay aligned with your brand’s corporate identity, particularly when it comes to using company assets for the profile pictures and cover photos
Link back to your official website.
While you can put your pertinent business information on your social media business pages, some job seekers may want to seek out more information about your company before applying. To make it easier for them to access important information about your company, provide a link to your official website.
Promote your job postings.
Once you finalize your requirements, you can already start posting job vacancies on your social media page. Make sure to create a compelling and interesting social media copy to pique the interest of potential hires.
Reply to job inquiries.
By the time you’ve posted your requirements, you may expect your followers to reach out and make inquiries. Your role here is to engage socially with them. Practice sending a reply as soon as you receive their inquiries. In the interest of time, you may also prepare a templated response.
Social recruiting has an undeniable impact on helping companies expand their workforce. It’s an ideal way to recruit if you have a lot of free time on your hands. However, it’s highly unlikely, not to mention impractical, for busy hiring managers and business owners to actively recruit potential hires on social media.
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